4 of Our Favorite Resources for Traveling and Moving with Pets

Whether you’re preparing to travel or to move, you have a lot on your mind as you make sure that all of the boxes are checked and the details are taken care of.  Adding pets into the mix further complicates things – there’s even more to remember and you’re sensitive to your furry friends’ potential […]

Location Location Location: A Destination Guide to Memphis

Memphis brings to mind images of barbeque, Elvis, and the blues. And while the city boasts a multitude of great places to enjoy each of these things, it has even more to offer. Whether you’re staying for weeks or months, there is plenty to discover in Memphis that will surprise, woo, and delight you. Come […]

A Place To Call Home During and After a Divorce

One of the many major decisions you will need to make during and after a divorce is where you will choose to live temporarily. You may have been told or realized one of the following: It s best to move out to keep peace in the home. The negotiations have been finalized and it s […]

Remote Workers Can Work Anywhere, Here s Why it Should Be Memphis

Are you one of the lucky US corporate executives and remote workers who can take care of business ANYWHERE? Are you tired of the same bland cities and the same dull extended stay hotels and furnished apartments? In a recent post, we made the case that your remote work should be done from Music City […]

The Now Leasing Experience vs the Extended Stay Hotel

The Now Leasing Experience vs the Extended Stay Hotel When booking short-term corporate housing in Nashville or Memphis, the first thought many people have is to book an extended stay motel or hotel. These furnished mini-suites have become a go-to staple for rentals needed beyond a few days. Extended stay hotel rentals are a safe […]

Remote Workers Can Work From Anywhere… Here s Why it Should Be Nashville.

Remote Workers Can Work From Anywhere… Here s Why it Should Be Nashville. If you could work from home and didn’t need to go into the office ever again, where would you live? Working from home is becoming less a luxury and more the standard in the 21st century. Record numbers of remote workers around […]

Top 7 Luxury Spa Treatments in Memphis

Did you know Now Leasing offers luxury short-term housing rentals in Nashville AND in Memphis? Yep, we are THE luxury housing rental experts in these 2 great Tennessee cities! Last week, we shared some the best spas in Nashville with you. This week it s all about the best luxury spa experiences in Memphis! Memphis […]

Top 5 Unique Luxury Spa Treatments in Nashville

You’ve been in meetings all day. These aren’t just any meetings. For c-suite and other corporate executives, meetings can take on a heightened level of emotional and physical intensity. There are decisions to be made that affect hundreds if not thousands of lives and millions of dollars every day. It’s a battle to rise to […]